Apple Finally Made a Real Innovation

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Well, last week was Apple’s launch of a new product.

And like every Apple new product launch day, there were those who liked their new products, and those who did not like it … The social media was full of comments.

The biggest argument of the disliker camp is like “There is no new product, only old-fashioned products have improvements!”

At first glance it is not a very unjust argument. Because Apple does not seem to be making a new product, but mobile phones are suited for peripheral enhancements such as screen size, color and photo quality.

But I think the opposite.

Apple, for the first time in a long time, has made a serious innovation and has taken an important step in resolving a real problem by going beyond selling new bold products to humanity.

Introduced yesterday, Apple Watch Series 4 allows users to take ECGs directly from their wrists, alerts them to the risks of a heart attack, and can share records with doctors in PDF files, tracking for Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) indications that can cause significant health problems.

In addition, Apple Watch detects that the user is falling and sends a message to the user. If the user does not respond to the message, the Watch calls the emergency service directly for help and sends a message stating the location.

Thanks to these two tremendous features, Apple Watch will add great value to the lives of people with chronic illnesses such as the sars or the elders. I should also add that the product is FDA-approved, which means it is officially recognized as a healthcare tool.

If you think that heart attack is still one of the most important causes of death, you can better understand how Watch is a useful product for humanity. In the meantime, I think Apple has made a very clever move in terms of business. Innovations in healthcare make older people who are not Apple Watch users a regular customer.

What can I say, Apple really deserves to be a $ 1 trillion company.

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