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Bora Özkent develops people and corporations on Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Emerging Technologies and Customer Experience.

He is passionate about creativity, digital transformation, game changing initiatives and innovations shaping the future.

He holds a bachelor’s degree from METU School of Management. Bora Özkent also completed Koç University Executive MBA program in 1996, by the scholarship of Arthur Andersen where he worked as a management consultant. In 1998, he attended Harvard Business School Strategic Retail Management Certificate Program.

During his career he took several management positions in Arthur Andersen Business Consulting, Türkmen Textile Group and Fed Training. In May 2008 Bora Özkent decided to start his own business and cofounded “Özkent A.Ş”, which is one of the most respected training and consulting companies in Turkey.

Beyond his keynote speeches and consultancy career, he is also Instructor of “Human and Technology” in Learning, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology Post Graduate Program (LITE) in Bilgi University. Before Özkent instructed “Entrepreneurship” lessons in Koç University MBA program.

Ozkent is a TEDx Speaker and has 4 books in the innovation and customer experience field: “Innovation Manifest for Big Cooperations”,

“Innovation – Step by Step”, “Priceless” and “Customer Experience 2.0”

For further information and inspiration about technology, innovation and future and customer experience management please visit http://www.boraozkent.com