Customer Experience [OLD]

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Özkent, who is the author of “Creating Unique Customer Experiences” published by Elma Yayınevi and the “Customer Experience 2.0” published as an e-book, makes speeches for expanding the thinking horizons and imagination powers of the participants, in designing and implementing great customer experiences.

Designing Unforgettable Moments: There are memorable moments in life. Your child’s first step, the message you learned about your success in the university exam, the warm welcome to your new job, the hotel that you stayed two years ago remembering your room choice, the surprise flower sent by the person you like… Research shows customers are more loyal to and more willing to do business with companies who deliver similar exceptional experiences. Özkent’s seminar teaches participants how to design and implement unforgettable moments for customers.

Your Secret Customer Experience Heroes: The only way to deliver customers exceptional experiences is not designing them with great care. Every time your employees come into contact with customers, they have the spontanues opportunity to deliver customers extraordinary experiences. Your company already has such secret heroes, as long as you know their value, strengthen their hands and increase the powers. Özkent’s speech show ways to discover and empower your heroes.

Customer Experience 101: This training, which focuses on the fundamentals of customer experience management, presents the importance of emotions in decision-making processes, how the companies can design experiences that create emotional ties with customers through wonderful examples from the world and also demonstrates customer experience management as a fundamental competitive strategy. The speech provides participants with a wealth of examples of the basic methodologies of delivering unparalleled experiences. The seminar tells interesting stories about how each business function and participants from all levels can contribute to the customer experience.

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