Future is Now!

Geleceği Kavrayın, Dönüşümü Yönetin, Sınırlarınızı Yıkın, Haddinizi Aşın!

As a an instructor of the “Technology and Human” course at Bilgi University Lite Graduate Program, Özkent’s vision for the future has the power to influence and mobilize you for dreaming of a future where technology and humanity do not clash, but cooperate and strengthen each other. While Özkent’s speeches of the future reveal how technological changes will affect our world, our countries, our environment, our enterprises and our lives, they also tell participants in a very entertaining way, how they can take advantage of the forthcoming opportunities and what they can get from them.

Naturel Intelligence Against Artificial Intelligence: Yes, artificial intelligence is developing very fast. Yes, occupations with routine elements are under big threat. And yes, it is obvious that machines can do many things better than people. But against all odds, we have our natural intelligence. And what a natural intelligence! We are amazing beings who can dream of a better future, set up wonderful stories, get excited by the stories of others, start to challenge problems and develop ways too solve them, create communities for a purpose and nurture an aesthetic and artistic sense. In this very interesting speech, Özkent explains the real and unstopable development of artificial intelligence, while also revealing how one can prepare for a better future with the strong and invincible naturel intelligence.

Surfing With Waves of Technology: Özkent’s speech, which is based on the structure of his “Technology and Human” at Bilgi University Lite Graduate Program, will enable participants to comprehend the major technological transformations in the world and interpret them in line with their works/careers/desires.  The seminar focuses on the discovery, understanding, meaning and interpretation of these developments by the participants, rather than only explaining the latest technological trends. In his powerful speech Özkent encourages participants to take action now.

Unexpected Benefits of Science Fiction: It turns out that you are better prepared for the future if you are a fan of science-fiction cinema masterpieces, such as a Star Wars, 2001 a Space Odyssey and Minority Report or the classic science-fiction books like 1984, Brave New World and Hitchhiker’s Galaxy Guide. If you believe that these pieces are just fantasies, you should think again. In his extremely interesting and entertaining speech, Özkent explains why science fiction is a very effective tool to predict the future, why innovative companies add science fiction writers to their bodies and how science fiction and innovation connect with amazing examples.

Space Is Being Conquered, Are You Aware? With SpaceX, Elon Musk succeeded in lowering costs of his rockets vertically landing them back. Richard Branson already accepts reservations for space tourism these days. For Jeff Bezos it wasn’t enough to conquer the world with Amazon and now he’s obsessed with space with his Blue Origin initiative. It is clear that ine the near future private entrepreneurs will be able to achieve what Nasa did not succeed. When the technological genius is combined with the entrepreneur’s head, colonizing Mars does not seem to be a distant goal. So are all these developments good for humanity? And more importantly, should you buy land in Mars?


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