Innovation and Creativity [OLD]

Geleceği Kavrayın, Dönüşümü Yönetin, Sınırlarınızı Yıkın, Haddinizi Aşın!

Bora Özkent, the author of two books “Step by Step Innovation” and “Innovation Manifest for Big Corporations”, is among best known subject matter experts about innovation and creativity concepts in Turkey.

Özkent’s favorite speech topics on innovation and creativity are:

Innovation 101: This speech is targeting institutions and individuals who are new in the innovation journey. The speech focuses on both subjecsof what innovation really is and the process innovators should follow o succeed. The seminar demonstrates how-to techniques such as the lean startup and design thinking, as well as, the secrets of top innovation team qualifications, critical clues on the road to success and practical ways to find innovative ideas.

Innovation Manifesto for Large Corporations: This talk, bearing the name of Özkent’s new book shows ways of building strong innovation cultures and innovation infrastructures for large corporations. The seminar adresses alternative ways to find new innovation opportunities for corporate managers and offers concrete structural and process based change suggestions to transform their institutions into a machine that is constantly innovating. Successful adaptation of the innovation skills of the startups to large institutions is also one of the interesting topics discussed by the speech.

How to Get Inspiration for Creativity: The seminar reveals many interesting examples proving that finding ideas is not related to being a genius. Rather, you can strengthen the creativity of anyone by enriching the sources of inspiration and by teaching how to get inspiration. During the seminar participants will be introduced to basic inspiration techniques like “Multidisciplinary Interest” , “Unbiased Inspiration”, ”Positive Inquiry“, ”Abstraction“, ”Relationship“, ”Networking“, ”Positive Addition” etc.

Testify: In today’s business conditions where change is accelerating, companies and individuals need to innovate more. On the other hand, innovation means risk and uncertainty. Thisseminar shows the ways to try new ideas quickly, at low risk and at low cost, introducing the participants to develop big ideas, step by step, through small experiments. The speech is full of fun examples that teach people how to try their innovative ideas.


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