Leadership in the 21st Century [OLD]

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The leadership teachings of the last century have almost no validity for today. There is now a need for leaders who are not guiding, but who provide people with the right environment so that they can find the right direction in the very turbulent business environment. We are looking for pioneers who can focus their organizations on learning, experimenting, engaging and changing, not the charismatic leaders who know the answer to every question. Özkent presents the leadership needs of the 21st century with very effective leadership speeches and proposes concrete change paths to leaders and leader candidates. noun_startup_705336_000000

Recalling the Founder’s Mentality: As companies grow, they lose their speed, productivity, agility and proximity to customers. These losses slow their growth rate, reduce their ability to keep up with changes in the external world and blunt the forces of innovation. Speaking about this phenomenon, Özkent focuses on what should be done in every area from senior management to employee level to revive the founding mentality.

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Being the Leader of Meaning: New generation customers and employees want the corporations they work with, to contribute to the world, to the environment and to the humanity and create positive impact. Brand new roles fall on leaders in a world where consumers and employees are more interested in what positive  impact they have, rather than what their companies produce and sell. The success of today’s companies is measured not only by their turnover, profitability and productivity but also by their contribution to humanity.


Agile Leadership: In today’s business world, which is full of uncertainties, it is important that companies use agile management principles such as Scrum and Agile, and integrate them into all their managerial and leadership practices. However, agile management is very contrary to the behavior of traditional managers and the habits they have developed over the years. Özkent’s seminar focuses on how important agile management is in today’s conditions, then how managers can adapt agile management principles to their business and how they should and can change themselves. noun_change_2063315_000000

Game Changer Leadership: The main focus of most leadership and managerial training is on the methods of success in the current game. However, in today’s world where change is accelerating, the validity of existing games may be completely over. This seminar focuses on how leaders can transform their organizations into game-changing structures that are able to implement brand-new business models and are open to change and experiment new ways of doing business.  

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